Tuesday, May 24, 2011

coming together !!!

Getting soooo excited about this amazing job coming to completion!!!! Every detail is coming together and looking fabulous!!! We Glossed this door and added fabulous hardware.... custom door mat with the owners initial ....G !!!!! conifers in beautiful boxes what a welcoming home .
Custom Kitchen done buy our fantastic joiners we needed a crane to lift this 2.5 x 2.5 Carrara marble piece into this kitchen .
Black Gloss stairs with core matting we are just waiting on some silver bars to go across.
Divine Moroccan light !!!!!!
Work in progress !!!! Timber flooring was placed over the tiles to bring the look together.
Loving this looks very bespoke very glam and gorgeous !!!!!!
So keep posted all the furniture is in storage ready to be placed, styled up cant wait !!!!!!


  1. Wow - about to start renovating and you've captured my dream home look exactly. Hope mine turns out half as fab as this.

  2. oh my god Natalee, this house is amazing, what a great job!!! I love your blog so yes I'm following you from today. I always love visit Lily G... such a beautiful shop x

  3. How lovely! The kitchen looks fabulous! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  4. beautiful house. Lovely to see what great work you are doing. Could I ask what brand were the vanity basins you used? Do you think a round basin sitting on top of a similar vanity would look out of place or would it be better recessed? Your opinion would be appreciated!!

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  6. Love that interior and furniture! That furniture makes my heart skip a beat too! That’s the right time for me to give a best surprise to my family and my friends. It looks unique and beautiful and just hopes that you don’t lose your style in future.
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