Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Made it !!!!!!!

Think it and it shall happen !!!!!!! When we set out on this amazing journey we believed our beautiful work would get a front cover of a magazine ..... When Simon our wonderful photographer was on this shoot he was gushing that this house was made for a cover shot !!!!! Always humble bunnies we really wanted it and now it has happened !!!! soooo excited it will be out any day now and I am sure we will try to buy them all up so be quick and get yours and you to can have your 5 mins of fame cause you know us !!!!!!!!
to exciting !!!!!!! FYI we may be blogging about this for a while sorry xx

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love our clients !!!!

This study is so inviting it could even have me sit in there all day !! I just love the height of the library.

This gorgeous client moved to this amazing location in wellington point and didn't want to keep a thing from there last home. They asked for our help to create a warm relaxed home, somewhere for everyone to retreat to. They have 2 fabulous children so we needed this to be kid proof. We used soft colours in lime, taupe and cream and as you will see we then carried this through into pale blue taupe and cream. The kids read and relax in these areas as the feel is so tranquil.
They did however as you see below a fabulous dinning suite that we reupholstered in a beautiful linen to flow through the use of the linen in the louie chairs. We added in some great prints and voila !!!!! divine formal rooms.....

The next stage was the family areas of kitchen and dinning. This is still a work in progress and have some amazing love chairs coming in the blue and white stripe.I cant wait to see them in here, I was a bit excited and needed to show you this first...... also a few more pieces of furniture to be added. Loving the little lions next to the tv !!!!!
Our next stage is outside where the views are incredible on the bay !!!!!! then upstairs to do bedrooms.....
will keep the pics coming.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blue Lagoon.

This is one of our lovely clients pools before we got our hands on it ! it was very run down and extremely uninviting!! We gave it a little face lift .......
We emptied, scrubbed , re sealed , re painted and popped a great deck around it so entice people to come and play !!!

unfortunately this lovely client is on the brisbane corso Yeronga and we had only just with in weeks finished this job . It was completely wiped out so it is now our job to re do the pool and will also re do her bedroom , make her an amazing walk in wardrobe and parent retreat.It will all be worth it cant wait to show you the new results.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To all the blogs i have loved before !!!!

So I am the first to admit I am a little slow at getting the into the Blog world !! I started off strong however the busier I got the more I neglected to fill my duty in the blogging department.
thank goodness for melinda who filled in the gaps. She so eloquently stew her wise words across the pages and I waited always with baited breathe to read the lily g blog. I am sure she was a writer in another life or should be in this one !!!

first a disclaimer !! I am not a fabulous speller nor am as elegant with my words however I will endeavour to entice you into our world of the humble renovation, decoration, styling, building recovering and the odd holding of clients hands through a journey of a house becoming a home.

second disclaimer !!! I am not very computer savvy, I am an interior designer after all. However I will learn and master the mac pro and show you some lovely images that may make you swoon !!!

which brings me to my last disclaimer !!! no#3 ...... you may feel the need to redecorate.... do a reno or just re style a room. We will open your eyes to the newest trends, bring in some vintage and throw a few eclectic pieces that you will need to have. You may have an over whelming need to drive to lily g at any given moment.

I am on a blogging journey so please be patience with me and I will see if I can master or at the least have a load of fun along the way !!

Natalee xx