Wednesday, November 3, 2010

colour and fabric selection......

I had a lovely lady in our store that I did a colour and fabric selection for her that transformed and updated her home.

she had some cushions made, ottomans uphostered and as you can see it looks fabulous !!!
It doesnt take much to make an impact on a budget.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rain Rain go away !!!!!

So we have started another Reno where we are transforming a tired three story in Yerronga on teh corsso for a gorgeous couple. The house is a former Mediterranean that we will bring to life..... it was in need of a face lift ..... well most of us are at time to time.....

We have scaffolding up tradies everywhere, just started the outdoor deck where will will also be resurfacing the pool from a manky green to an amazing azure blue, it will all look very glam.....

we are also replacing some yuk aluminium bi folds to beautiful natural redwood sliders that will glide and not feel like you are fighting them to open !!!!

So I do with the rain would go away and let us keep working on our master piece......
watch for our photos in the next few weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

beach houses !!!

Your very own private beach to walk on ......
white sands that go forever.................

Mansions off beach ........not a bad way to live...... New york loft during the week and then the holiday getaway 2 hours away .......

Hampton housing !!!!

Beautiful verandah, sweeping views, divine sitting chairs..................
All the houses were amazing...... all detailed with wooden shingles, white trim, french doors opening to imaculate groomed gardens.... not a pebble out of place !!!

Yes we rode bikes !!!!! Melinda on the deadly treadly !!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ralph Lauren !!!

Ralph Lauren is a creative genius !!!!!! this little store off the main road is divine.... old western vintage that invites you back to the age of chaps and indians.....

The change rooms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing ....

The Hamptons is incredible such an inspirational place. On our journey we came across Ralph Lauren !!! Beautiful stores both vintage and new. Above is from his store at east hampton, down a little alley ........

Sunday, September 26, 2010


So you are looking for a little beach shack !!! nothing too big just a humble abode for the odd holiday in the Hamptons.This is just one of hundreds we saw when we were there. They are divine homes just off the sand dunes along kilometers of aqua blue ocean...... your own private estate. This is the Old Mill House we stayed in !!! So beautiful, peaceful and tranquil.....
Again another Hamptons home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashionista !!!!!!

OK !!!!! So this was amazing.... you will all be soooooo proud !!! we were invited to the this faboulous fashion after party where we saw ZZ top ( well they were hobbly old men .... beards down to the ground ) Jessica Hart the Aussie model..... gorgeous !!!!! The mole guy from Will and Grace very cute and Chris Brown... that is him in the backgound with burly bouncers getting into his silver rolls !!!!!! how the other half live .........

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is just one of the beautiful resturants we have lunched at !!!! divine.... even better it was across from the lady her self the statue of liberty !!!!!! we watched the stratten island ferry pass us and we remembered all the fabulous movies we have see it in....... we are in LaLa land ....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle huge big stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so last night was incredible !!!! so we are ready for the day ahead and have breakfast in our gorgeous hotel !!! out on the sidewalk on a beautiful New York day...... with !!! Kate Walsh at the next table, Russel Brand walking with his bike and Lenny Kravitz walking his dog !!!!!!! and the gorgeous little actress from Glee !!!!!

We are Here !!!!!

After an long flight We are here !!!!! Hooray !!!! let us step you through our amazing journey !!!!!!!!!
Bradley Cooper !!!
What a lovely way to spend our fisrt night !!!an anmazingly beautiful hotel owned by Robert De nero and drinks with Brad cooper was a very cool way to spemd our 1st night in New York !!!

Memories of 9/11 !!

We arrived in New York and it was incredible to share the memorial services with everyone here..... It was Amazing to see the sight itself, very moving a little erie and very insightful. We were able to be apart of this emotional day and will treasure this memorie for ever !!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

NEW YORK STATE OF MIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty bathrooms !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful displays ideas.... Paying bills made beautiful !!!!!

Off to the Big Smoke !!!!!!!!!! So exciting !!!! Melinda and I are off to New York !!!!! we will be blogging all the way so stay tuned and watch all the amazing and wonderful things we are doing .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blue Hue !!!

We are loving the mix match blues !!! and warmth of the Caribbean cane look ..... just divine !!!

Inspiration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving the dark side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! candle cluster and deep caramel ..... Yummmm !!!

Things we do !!!

Beautiful rooms !!!!!!!!!!!

What an exciting time it is for us at Lily G !!!!! Our heads are spinning with idea overload ......with our fabulous new expansion of our renovation and building team. We are also becoming involved with home staging and working with builders to create amazing concepts for their projects. So much wonderful scope, so many amazing jobs !!!!!!!!!!! we are having some pics being taken so we will post them for all to see asap............. we are so thrilled with the support from all our amazing beautiful clients and love them to bits!!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back from Melbourne !!!

How divine is Brisvegas !!!!! coming back from grey, cold, windy, again cold... Melbourne realizing how lucky we are to be in such a glorious climate........ We had so much fun delighting in all the new shiny things that are coming in for next season. The Christmas decorations are AMAZING !! So beautiful so all our homes can be fabulous and cheery !!!!!!!!!

We have come back with loads of creative ideas and some special purchases ( did I mention the jewelry we brought to have in the store !!!!!!! unbelievable) one for us and a few for you of course !!!!!!!!!!
we have so much on right now with houses being renovated and some beautiful decorating work that we have been pouring ourselves into. All our clients are so wonderful it is such a delight to come to work every day.
keep you posted on our next jobs x

Monday, July 19, 2010

Project in progress!!!

Well we have just landed in from the Melbourne furniture expo and only taken a few deep breaths before diving into this Job we have been dying to do .

Here we have it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Divine, Fabulous, Amazing......This house has been fully renovated with silver pressed tin roof and black floor boards and crisp white interior. We have been inspired to create a relaxed home for a gorgoues couple and their 2 soooo cute little girls and of course Goff the new addition little staffy man pup !!!!

You have all seen and commented on this amazing chair!!! well this is its home and it looks so fabulous sitting on the blue and white strip rug. It reall does look Amazing take a look at all the pics and we will keep you posted and updated on teh rest to come .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dinning rooms

Loving the lighting in this space. Divine white and blue with ecletic mix match chairs!!! Would love to eat at this table,beautiful breakfasts, relaxing lunches..... this is the life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fabulous Chair !!!!!!!!!!

We have just had this fabulous Chair covered in this Amazing fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick come and see we have already sold it, leaving the store soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Big weekend !!!

What a weekend !!! Well Saturday night to be exact.... Still recovering from an amazing girly night out for Miss Melinda's 35 B'day!!!! Yes we are going backwards from now on, Benjamin button style !!! Anyway a fabulous night had by all. Now back to the wonderful world of creativity.

It is so fabulous to be working with such a wonderful building team, our guys are beyond amazing, we are sure they have a bit of girl in them as when we sit down to do our designs they to have a deep understanding of flow in a house and how a house should function,even down to our girly wardrobes !!! Also very easy on the eye I might say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you a reece or rodger sellers girl !!!!

Tiles, taps, knockers and knobs !!!!!! Oh the fabulousness of it all.......Tiles are a wonderful way to create a sense of space and unity. Loving smoked quartz and marble,not just any marble I mean HUGE !!!! BIG!!! Slabs of these suckers, they look amazing. Floor to wall!!! All over the place as much as you can afford I say!!!! Pop some heating underneathe to keep teh tootsies warm in winter and away you go!!!!

To the taps...... Reece or Rodger ????Rodger is fabulous, Reece is good for the budget conscious as you can really find a few lovely Italian wonders in thereand we all love a good Italian !!!!!! We have also come across another amazing range which we will be using, again beautiful pieces make an outstanding difference. Christians and Elite also have some stand out fittings however if you need to wait a while and at the rate we are going its the fast and the furious we need everything yesterday. Keep posted ......

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy B'day !!!!

Oh yes she is !!!! The big 40 !!!!! Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Melinda..... make sure you all come in and give her a big happy birthday smile ( so she doesn't forget of course.)40 is definitely the new 30 girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was whisked away for a fabulous weekend that i am sure she will blog about.have a great day xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

Creative Insights !

We have been soooo busy!!! out and about with inspiring ideas. We are creating some beautiful bathrooms, en suites and powder rooms,Gutting rooms and making decision's to lift or not to lift.... houses that is.( Always Lift if you can. )
By the way going through peoples homes we really are a generation of consumers!!! We collect a ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The consumer is becoming the curator of his own house, which is a museum or a gallery.We then become the curators of our creative life.!!! Build on things you love and you will always have a house that is a retreat you want to holiday in.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Added Value !

Ever wondered what your house is really worth ??? With a few extra improvments or a coat of paint. What about a new kitchen or a fabulous bathroom renovation!!!! Well we are improving houses all over Brizzie.... we have 9 Renos on the go !!! WOW!!! busy beavers we are !!! very exciting stuff !!!
From the brand new to the queenslander, from Ascott to Yerronga and everyone inbetween. Will keep you all posted with the before and afters.
It is really amazing the value you can add to your property. We fell inlove with the SITC walk in wardrobe, the his and hers side ( hers being slightly bigger !!!!!) Now thats added value !!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

life in a frame !!

Ever wondered what to do on that blank wall??? The spot you have but you don't know what to do with ? Framing is the answer.... Just think a wall filled of wonderful memories, places and faces. May be the odd Clive pic ?? Oops had to throw that one in !
Pictures take you to on a journey and allow you to dream ( of Clive !!) You may have some fabulous prints hidden in that dark place that need a new life ....
We have just Framed some amazing pieces !!!!! Two of which were suspended between glass then boxed framed. Then we put a beautiful ornate frame to bring out the detail. Amazingly stunning!!!!! Another two are huge !! 1.5 x 1 meter high .....massive silver bold, did I say huge frame. The clients are overwhelmed at the difference and can't wait to have them hung .... Yes another satisfied customer. So yes we do frames, we also can have them hung for you, we do it all !!!!! So what do you have we can frame ?? Go look at those photos dig deep and let us put your life in a frame. (Or may be we can share some of our Clive pics with you !!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy daze !!!

Hi There everyone, well what a whirl wind day !!! As you know we do custom made pieces so we have had a wonderful time today designing cabinets and a beautiful cupboard to fit into a gorgeous Queenslander. Then to another amazing job where we are doing a Hamptons style ensuite vanity with sconce lighting and lovely bespoke cabinetry and an amazing walk in Robe !!! Yes we do that...... we count your shoes and bags .... jewelles and clothes, we make sure all your fabulous pieces have homes. Everything is catered for!!! When you go to dress it is a divine dressing EXPERIENCE and you feel like a STAR!!! just like Carrie (think S.I.T.C) after all that!! I ran off to another amazing house that we will be filling with all of our beautiful pieces.
We are in the process of decorating the first of many rooms for a gorgeous client in Hawthorne....the daughters room with vibrant pinks, a beautiful deep button bedhead, fabulous wallpaper and a very girly glamorous desk and stool, Divine!!! Next the parents room with duck egg blues and muted tones. The sons room will be Ralph Lauren Polo inspired as we need to fit in a massive oar in somewhere!
On this home we are knocking out some walls, expanding the outside and building onto the back of the home.....It is on the river and we want to take advantage of the amazing outlook.
Anyway it has been Go go go today... but a very satisfying and creative experience all round.
Melinda & Natalee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All the buzz in the store today , the new queensland homes has landed on our door step with our beautiful pics we shot for the june winter addition . Wow they are amazing really fresh and zingy !! dont forget to get your copy . we will post the pics of course very soon ..... keep you posted on our next jobs at hand.x

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I Am down in Melbourne with Natalee on a wee buying always looking for gorgeous pieces for my lovely shop (and some personal girl shopping.....hunting for lovely jacket and scarves.
Sooooooo we were having dinner at Nobu (Robert De Niros restaurant underneath the casino) and everything was wrong; Our order was mixed up, some items didn't turn up and my favourite black cod with Miso was burnt!! But the staff were so amazing they didn't charge for anything and plied us with 2 bottles of Veuve Clicquot!! YAY!!
So we were nearly the last to leave (having waited and waited for last item to arrive) and OH MY GOD!!!
Clive Owen came into restaurant! My all time favourite actor!!! l
Love him (in all his movies) and have watched them all a few toooo many times (not at all to do with how absolutely yummy he is) So there he was sitting at the bar so of course not being a backward young lady...dragged Natalee over for a chat and proceeded to gush and giggle and act like crazed stalker fan!! But he was very charming and took it all very well and only backed away slightly while keeping his eyes on the nearest exit!
He is in town filming his new movie with Robert De Niro "Killer Elite" and has grown a moustache which still did not detract from his very green eyes with black eyelashes, small freckle under eye (not that i was taking any notice)
Anyway totally star struck and feeling happy about life and all the beautiful things I am about to buy. Off to have breakfast in St Kilda will be stalking I mean walking around Melbourne later in the day will keep you posted if find I just happen to bump into him. :)