Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fabulous Chair !!!!!!!!!!

We have just had this fabulous Chair covered in this Amazing fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick come and see we have already sold it, leaving the store soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Big weekend !!!

What a weekend !!! Well Saturday night to be exact.... Still recovering from an amazing girly night out for Miss Melinda's 35 B'day!!!! Yes we are going backwards from now on, Benjamin button style !!! Anyway a fabulous night had by all. Now back to the wonderful world of creativity.

It is so fabulous to be working with such a wonderful building team, our guys are beyond amazing, we are sure they have a bit of girl in them as when we sit down to do our designs they to have a deep understanding of flow in a house and how a house should function,even down to our girly wardrobes !!! Also very easy on the eye I might say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you a reece or rodger sellers girl !!!!

Tiles, taps, knockers and knobs !!!!!! Oh the fabulousness of it all.......Tiles are a wonderful way to create a sense of space and unity. Loving smoked quartz and marble,not just any marble I mean HUGE !!!! BIG!!! Slabs of these suckers, they look amazing. Floor to wall!!! All over the place as much as you can afford I say!!!! Pop some heating underneathe to keep teh tootsies warm in winter and away you go!!!!

To the taps...... Reece or Rodger ????Rodger is fabulous, Reece is good for the budget conscious as you can really find a few lovely Italian wonders in thereand we all love a good Italian !!!!!! We have also come across another amazing range which we will be using, again beautiful pieces make an outstanding difference. Christians and Elite also have some stand out fittings however if you need to wait a while and at the rate we are going its the fast and the furious we need everything yesterday. Keep posted ......

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy B'day !!!!

Oh yes she is !!!! The big 40 !!!!! Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Melinda..... make sure you all come in and give her a big happy birthday smile ( so she doesn't forget of course.)40 is definitely the new 30 girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was whisked away for a fabulous weekend that i am sure she will blog about.have a great day xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

Creative Insights !

We have been soooo busy!!! out and about with inspiring ideas. We are creating some beautiful bathrooms, en suites and powder rooms,Gutting rooms and making decision's to lift or not to lift.... houses that is.( Always Lift if you can. )
By the way going through peoples homes we really are a generation of consumers!!! We collect a ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The consumer is becoming the curator of his own house, which is a museum or a gallery.We then become the curators of our creative life.!!! Build on things you love and you will always have a house that is a retreat you want to holiday in.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Added Value !

Ever wondered what your house is really worth ??? With a few extra improvments or a coat of paint. What about a new kitchen or a fabulous bathroom renovation!!!! Well we are improving houses all over Brizzie.... we have 9 Renos on the go !!! WOW!!! busy beavers we are !!! very exciting stuff !!!
From the brand new to the queenslander, from Ascott to Yerronga and everyone inbetween. Will keep you all posted with the before and afters.
It is really amazing the value you can add to your property. We fell inlove with the SITC walk in wardrobe, the his and hers side ( hers being slightly bigger !!!!!) Now thats added value !!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

life in a frame !!

Ever wondered what to do on that blank wall??? The spot you have but you don't know what to do with ? Framing is the answer.... Just think a wall filled of wonderful memories, places and faces. May be the odd Clive pic ?? Oops had to throw that one in !
Pictures take you to on a journey and allow you to dream ( of Clive !!) You may have some fabulous prints hidden in that dark place that need a new life ....
We have just Framed some amazing pieces !!!!! Two of which were suspended between glass then boxed framed. Then we put a beautiful ornate frame to bring out the detail. Amazingly stunning!!!!! Another two are huge !! 1.5 x 1 meter high .....massive silver bold, did I say huge frame. The clients are overwhelmed at the difference and can't wait to have them hung .... Yes another satisfied customer. So yes we do frames, we also can have them hung for you, we do it all !!!!! So what do you have we can frame ?? Go look at those photos dig deep and let us put your life in a frame. (Or may be we can share some of our Clive pics with you !!!!!!!!!!!!! )