Tuesday, June 1, 2010

life in a frame !!

Ever wondered what to do on that blank wall??? The spot you have but you don't know what to do with ? Framing is the answer.... Just think a wall filled of wonderful memories, places and faces. May be the odd Clive pic ?? Oops had to throw that one in !
Pictures take you to on a journey and allow you to dream ( of Clive !!) You may have some fabulous prints hidden in that dark place that need a new life ....
We have just Framed some amazing pieces !!!!! Two of which were suspended between glass then boxed framed. Then we put a beautiful ornate frame to bring out the detail. Amazingly stunning!!!!! Another two are huge !! 1.5 x 1 meter high .....massive silver bold, did I say huge frame. The clients are overwhelmed at the difference and can't wait to have them hung .... Yes another satisfied customer. So yes we do frames, we also can have them hung for you, we do it all !!!!! So what do you have we can frame ?? Go look at those photos dig deep and let us put your life in a frame. (Or may be we can share some of our Clive pics with you !!!!!!!!!!!!! )

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