Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blue Hue !!!

We are loving the mix match blues !!! and warmth of the Caribbean cane look ..... just divine !!!

Inspiration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving the dark side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! candle cluster and deep caramel ..... Yummmm !!!

Things we do !!!

Beautiful rooms !!!!!!!!!!!

What an exciting time it is for us at Lily G !!!!! Our heads are spinning with idea overload ......with our fabulous new expansion of our renovation and building team. We are also becoming involved with home staging and working with builders to create amazing concepts for their projects. So much wonderful scope, so many amazing jobs !!!!!!!!!!! we are having some pics being taken so we will post them for all to see asap............. we are so thrilled with the support from all our amazing beautiful clients and love them to bits!!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back from Melbourne !!!

How divine is Brisvegas !!!!! coming back from grey, cold, windy, again cold... Melbourne realizing how lucky we are to be in such a glorious climate........ We had so much fun delighting in all the new shiny things that are coming in for next season. The Christmas decorations are AMAZING !! So beautiful so all our homes can be fabulous and cheery !!!!!!!!!

We have come back with loads of creative ideas and some special purchases ( did I mention the jewelry we brought to have in the store !!!!!!! unbelievable) one for us and a few for you of course !!!!!!!!!!
we have so much on right now with houses being renovated and some beautiful decorating work that we have been pouring ourselves into. All our clients are so wonderful it is such a delight to come to work every day.
keep you posted on our next jobs x