Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you a reece or rodger sellers girl !!!!

Tiles, taps, knockers and knobs !!!!!! Oh the fabulousness of it all.......Tiles are a wonderful way to create a sense of space and unity. Loving smoked quartz and marble,not just any marble I mean HUGE !!!! BIG!!! Slabs of these suckers, they look amazing. Floor to wall!!! All over the place as much as you can afford I say!!!! Pop some heating underneathe to keep teh tootsies warm in winter and away you go!!!!

To the taps...... Reece or Rodger ????Rodger is fabulous, Reece is good for the budget conscious as you can really find a few lovely Italian wonders in thereand we all love a good Italian !!!!!! We have also come across another amazing range which we will be using, again beautiful pieces make an outstanding difference. Christians and Elite also have some stand out fittings however if you need to wait a while and at the rate we are going its the fast and the furious we need everything yesterday. Keep posted ......

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