Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To all the blogs i have loved before !!!!

So I am the first to admit I am a little slow at getting the into the Blog world !! I started off strong however the busier I got the more I neglected to fill my duty in the blogging department.
thank goodness for melinda who filled in the gaps. She so eloquently stew her wise words across the pages and I waited always with baited breathe to read the lily g blog. I am sure she was a writer in another life or should be in this one !!!

first a disclaimer !! I am not a fabulous speller nor am as elegant with my words however I will endeavour to entice you into our world of the humble renovation, decoration, styling, building recovering and the odd holding of clients hands through a journey of a house becoming a home.

second disclaimer !!! I am not very computer savvy, I am an interior designer after all. However I will learn and master the mac pro and show you some lovely images that may make you swoon !!!

which brings me to my last disclaimer !!! no#3 ...... you may feel the need to redecorate.... do a reno or just re style a room. We will open your eyes to the newest trends, bring in some vintage and throw a few eclectic pieces that you will need to have. You may have an over whelming need to drive to lily g at any given moment.

I am on a blogging journey so please be patience with me and I will see if I can master or at the least have a load of fun along the way !!

Natalee xx

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  1. Good luck, looking forward to your blogs. ;-)