Saturday, May 22, 2010


I Am down in Melbourne with Natalee on a wee buying always looking for gorgeous pieces for my lovely shop (and some personal girl shopping.....hunting for lovely jacket and scarves.
Sooooooo we were having dinner at Nobu (Robert De Niros restaurant underneath the casino) and everything was wrong; Our order was mixed up, some items didn't turn up and my favourite black cod with Miso was burnt!! But the staff were so amazing they didn't charge for anything and plied us with 2 bottles of Veuve Clicquot!! YAY!!
So we were nearly the last to leave (having waited and waited for last item to arrive) and OH MY GOD!!!
Clive Owen came into restaurant! My all time favourite actor!!! l
Love him (in all his movies) and have watched them all a few toooo many times (not at all to do with how absolutely yummy he is) So there he was sitting at the bar so of course not being a backward young lady...dragged Natalee over for a chat and proceeded to gush and giggle and act like crazed stalker fan!! But he was very charming and took it all very well and only backed away slightly while keeping his eyes on the nearest exit!
He is in town filming his new movie with Robert De Niro "Killer Elite" and has grown a moustache which still did not detract from his very green eyes with black eyelashes, small freckle under eye (not that i was taking any notice)
Anyway totally star struck and feeling happy about life and all the beautiful things I am about to buy. Off to have breakfast in St Kilda will be stalking I mean walking around Melbourne later in the day will keep you posted if find I just happen to bump into him. :)


  1. Wow, how exciting!! That would have been thrilling :)
    ps I'd be happy to have my meal mucked up if it meant a bottle of Veuve!

  2. Lucky you! Free Veuve is a huge bonus on top of your star spotting and mingling... ;-)

  3. How exciting! Free bottle of Veuve Clicquot...HOT celebrity no charge...What a great day!
    Good times....;)

  4. Very exciting. I am very impressed by your courage to go over and say hello.

  5. Some people have all the luck.

  6. Melbourne is such a great city for star spotting.